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Redefining Physics!!

Pearls dropping from my eyes!!

Pearls dropping from my eyes!!

Fresh are those days,

spicy and crispy as lays.

It was me, ten years back

as a young damsel

staring at my physics teacher!!!

That day’s class was about

Archimedes – “The eureka man”.

Archimedes principle :

“Weight of immersed object = weight of water displaced”.

Who cared what he said?!!

But now life has wounded me badly

that I restate it

Rukma’s principle:

“Weight of immersed sorrows = weight of tears displaced”.

You people concur with me?

Very narrow are my arteries

that even my blood gushes and not flows.

My sorrows too wanted

to flow along – I wondered why?

They too wanted to reach my heart.!!

My heart beats every second

not as a sign of me still alive

but as a sign of me waiting

for the ONE to wipe it off.

Hope death does not reach me before HIM!!!

I drew it...My heart!!!

I drew it...My heart!!!

Those black lines show the sorrows flowing along with blood in my heart!!!



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God is great!!

God is our saviour!

God is our saviour!

God created this earth,

with oceans and seas,

and with animals and bees.

He bestowed man with wealth,

and to enjoy these he gave them health.

He created the sky with twinkling stars,

and on earth he created super stars.

He created lots of trees,

which gives us good breeze,

and in polar he created ice which freeze.

Man created lots of artificial wonder,

and the destruction they cause

make us ponder.

God is the earth’s founder,

so in his hands lies the real wonder.

We destroy our own nature

without thinking about the future.

Earth is like our mother,

and cannot be replaced by another.

So let’s join hands together.

We do lots of sins,

but god forgives and makes us win.

We act against God

but he cares about us till sod.

After all we are the children of God.

This poem is dedicated to the Almighty because of whom I am still alive to write this poem!!

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Testimony of female infanticide!!!

Testimony of female infanticide!!!


God created sun and moon,

so that they together form a day.

Similar was the reason for

creating man and woman,

so that they together form a life.

But alas! God was wrong

and a woman’s life became a sad song.

A female infant is subjected

to death, at its birth.

Are we women that futile?

Even cutting trees is banned,

but killing a female infant is

left unscanned-what a pity?

But we women are like phoenix

and would be reborn from ashes.

This is an epitome of how

women are sent to tomb.

This is a matter of concern to mull.

Please dont ignore,so I tell

dont make us an endangered species….

“We are greatly indebted to women first for life itself

and then for making it worth living.”

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This is a reminiscence of how I became a poet!!! It was in my eleventh standard. LOSA which is an interschool competition organised by the old students of my school(T.V.S.L.M.H.S.S) is considered to be one of the most
prestigious event. A maximum of two students from each school were allowed to participate in each of the competitions. Right from my childhood I had a flair for english and also since I got State First in english in my tenth standard I was forced to attend the screening test(remember only two students from each school…. so obviously they had to filter students). I had no other way than to register for english essay(the other was english poetry…I was sure I woudnt be able to write even a single line of poem). Participants of english essay n poetry were made to sit in the same class. The topics were given. For english poetry it was “The cry of the old man”, and for english essay it was “BRAINDRAIN”. What on the world did braindrain mean?? Though I was pretty good at english I couldnt even surmise its meaning. I thought of giving a try but what if I had construed it wrong. It would have been a presumptuous action. So I thought of giving a try in poetry. That was the first ever poem I wrote. I was a beginner and not even a novice in the field of poetry. I managed to write a poem and by god’s grace I even got selected. From then onwards I evinced interest in writing poems. Hence me developing a passion for writing poem was an accident!!! And that
accident turned out to be my favorite incident in my life…!!!!


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