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As I read through the contest topic today morning I thought “Perfect. I will ask my mother to blog about this topic. She is surely an expert in gifts and my future seems secure too. So obviously she should have planned and gifted stuff when I was a child. She is the perfect contestant!!”. Thinking of ways to convince her to write I came out of my room to find her sitting and reading newspaper. “Mama I’m giving you an opportunity to win Nexus 5, iPad Mini or nexus 7 tablet based upon your performance. Just write about 5 life changing gifts that you have gifted me.” My mother lowered the newspaper and gave me a “I know what you are up to” look.”Ahhh beti I’m busy planning gifts for your next birthday.” I was puzzled and said,”Mom my birthday is not until next July”. “So you think that the gifts that you get on your birthday are planned only a week before? They are a result of months of planning and buying.”she said and sensing that I was about to beg her into writing she continued “Fine. For a change why don’t you pick the 5 gifts that me and papa have presented you that you think was life changing and blog about it”. I knew she was right. It would be fun recollecting all the old gifts I had received and blog about them. I was leaving the room when she winked at me and said “Don’t forget to dedicate the post to me”. “Sure mom. I will dedicate it with even a picture of you, but the prizes are mine” I winked and left the room.
So my hunt for the 5 special gifts started. I started the search in my room scanning the shelves. Within 5 minutes of my hunt I found my first special gift which was, is and will be the most treasured one and no other gift can even near that. It was
Love and support from my parents and family
As I flipped through the many albums scanning the pictures of my parents and my family on various occasions, the thought that I am surrounded by people who care and love me somehow made me feel safe and secure. No materialistic gift on the world will make you feel this way.

My Family

The most essential factor affecting a child is the surrounding in which he/she grows. A child raised by loving parents in a friendly atmosphere will definitely be confident and more successful than the rest. I remember reading somewhere “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate”. Children learn from their parents. So when parents are good knowingly or unknowingly they inculcate the same in their child. I’m thankful to my parents for giving me the gift of a lovely childhood, good family and for being good as a result of which I’m good.(Parents prohibited from commenting on this point :P).
I continued my hunt for the next gift. It then flashed in my mind. “How could I even forget it”.
My dog house piggy bank
I started searching for it but I wasn’t sure if I would find it. On hearing the noise I was making my mother came and on seeing the scattered things on the floor she asked “What are you searching for?” Still searching I asked,”Where is my dog house piggy bank? You got it for me on some birthday.”I had actually forgotten on which birthday I had got it. “It was for your 7th birthday sweety and your brother broke it long back. Did u forget?”. ”I need it now. I want to take a picture of it and post it in my blog.” I said making a sad face.My mother said,”Don’t worry I will get it for your next birthday”. Saying so she left the room smiling. For those of you who have not heard about dog house piggy bank, it was a cute toy in the shape of a house. When you place money near the door a dog will pop out of the house and take the money inside. It was my favorite toy.Daily I used to save my left over pocket money. Even though the toy is no longer with me It was this habit that taught me the power of saving. I thank my parents for giving me that wonderful gift. It would have been better if my brother hadn’t broken it. I had to google to get an image.


The next best gift that I got was for my 10th birthday.
Fun doubles when shared(My trip to an orphanage home)
On my birthday morning my parents asked me to get ready telling that we were going outside. They didn’t tell me where.They took me to a big building 10kms from my house. Only on entering I realized it was an orphanage home.
My parents had arranged for breakfast and lunch there. The caretaker there announced that it was my birthday and the children started singing birthday song. I was surprised and happy on seeing them sing and wish me. I was moved to tears. They came and wished me in person. I was on cloud nine that day. Till that day I didn’t realize that a simple birthday wish from a stranger would make me happy. That visit somehow changed my perception of life. Even now my birthday starts by getting wishes from the children of the orphanage.
My next favorite gift is and always will be BOOKS. My favorite quote by Anna Quindlen
“I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves.”
I got this wonderful gift for my 12th birthday. It was by Enid blyton – Five go down to sea. At first I was not happy with the gift. I cried demanding them to buy me another gift. My dad told me “Finish that book and ask for another gift”. With no other choice I started reading it and in no time I completed the book. When my father asked what other gift you want, I said “I want another book of enid blyton”. Till now reading is my passion. Reading a book gives me immense joy taking me to a different world. If not for that book as a gift I wouldn’t have become a reader. Thank you dad for that wonderful present.


As I finished writing this my mom entered the room asking,”Is it done?” I replied back telling “Yeah almost done. Just 1 gift left”. My mom told,”Can I contribute the last gift?” I smiled broadly telling”You are welcome.” She started telling a huge list and I interrupted her asking her to tell slowly as I noted them down.
5th gift
She continued “Our world is you children. Seeing you happy, safe and securing your future is our only goal in life. We started investing in a PPF account for you even before you were born.” I was surprised on hearing that. “Education is the most important for a child. Shortage of money should not be a constraint in fulfilling a child’s dream. Hence we invested in insurance plan for your education. We also have separate accounts with funds for your marriage. In short we wanted to make sure that we never said NO to anything you ask for be it education abroad or for vacation anywhere in the world.”I never knew my parents had planned everything well in advance.
“So I think it’s time for a vacation to paris” I said smiling,”I know you will never say NO.”My mother smiled telling,”Yay let’s start packing”.
As promised to my mother I’m dedicating this post to her with picture. A wonderful, lovely woman with great self confidence who has taught me not to quit however bad life treats you.


I also dedicate this post to my dad hoping that this dedication would get me a good present next birthday.

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